2008 Conference Proceedings

Synopses of papers accepted for the conference are now available and may be reviewed by clicking on the link below. To access a paper, click on the title. To access a synopsis, simply click on the link under the paper title.

Internal erosion

Dam break analysis and risk assessment

Application of the Interim Guide to Quantitative Risk Assessment across multiple dam owners by multiple Jacobs offices
Author(s): AJ Brown, G Yarwood, S King & JD Gosden
Paper no. 13 
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The influence of infrastructure embankments on the consequences of dam failure
Author(s): AJ Brown, A Chapman, JD Gosden & FJB Smith
Paper no. 14
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Reservoir flood plans - towards implementation
Author(s): IM Hope & AK Hughes
Paper no. 26 
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Assessing dam breach hazard in Cyprus
Author(s): TD Blyth, K Kyrou & S Patsali
Paper no. 39 
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Dambreak and emergency planning: meeting end user needs
Author(s): M Morris, F Buijs & A Hughes
Paper no. 45
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A step change in reservoir safety management: Quantitative Risk Assessment and its strategic implications
Author(s): AJ Brown, JR Claydon & JD Gosden
Paper no. 47
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Design, analysis and monitoring

2007 storms and UK reservoir safety issues

The Defra research programme and its management
Author(s): AK Hughes
Paper no. 8 
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The implications of the 2007 summer storms for UK reservoir safety
Author(s): AL Warren & EJ Stewart
Paper no. 36 
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Ulley Reservoir and high velocity spillway flows
Author(s): JL Hinks, PJ Mason & JR Claydon
Paper no. 28
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Supervising Engineer's account and reflections on a major reservoir safety incident
Author(s): DM Crook, P Kelham, D Phillips and I Machin
Paper no. 46 
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The safety of small British reservoirs
Author(s): CA Goff & AL Warren
Paper no. 15 
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Investigation of potential reservoirs
Author(s): CA Goff & IM Hope
Paper no. 23 
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Post-incident reporting: learning from experience to promote reservoir safety
Author(s): LJ Hamilton-King, IM Hope & AL Warren
Paper no. 25 
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The application of the Mines and Quarries (Tips) and the Reservoirs Acts
Author(s): M Cambridge
Paper no. 43 
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Construction, remedial works and discontinuance

Bradford area reservoirs' group - Flood routing remedial works at Leeming, Doe Park and Hewenden Reservoirs 
Author(s): M Airey & G Carruthers
Paper no. 1 
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Remedial works at Sutton Bingham Reservoir 
Author(s): J Welbank, R Soloman, JL Hinks, G Green & R Phillips
Paper no. 2 
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Llwyn-on Reservoir scour valve refurbishment
Author(s): JM Lewthwaite, D Richmond, AR Beever & AK Hughes
Paper no. 3 
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The repair of Llyn Morwinion Dam
Author(s): SR Hickman, AK Hughes & LS Davies
Paper no. 6
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The discontinuance of dams - it's not easy and it can be expensive!
Author(s): AK Hughes, A Evans and R Galloway
Paper no. 10 
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The staged construction of Imang Dam
Author(s): MJ Hill, IC Carter, I Davison & R Bridle
Paper no. 16
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Inoperable reservoir valves - why wait for the inspection?
Author(s): P Enston
Paper no. 20
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Queen Mary and King George V Reservoirs emergency draw down schemes
Author(s): B Philpott, Y Oyeyemi & J Sawyer
Paper no. 22
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A new geomembrane system in construction of fill dams: concepts and 2 case histories
Author(s):AM Scuero & GL Vaschetti
Paper no. 27
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Rutland habitats - design of reservoirs for environmental habitat benefits
Author(s): JR Foster, AM Kirby & S Swan
Paper no. 29
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Reservoir repair and upgrade: still the same issues?
Author(s): A Dodd
Paper no. 35
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Decommissioning, discontinuation and abandonment of dams: is there a case for a national strategy?
Author(s): CS McCulloch
Paper no. 38
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Clunie Dam anchoring works
Author(s): AW Gregory, AE Henderson, KC Henderson & P Nowak
Paper no. 44
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