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Committee Members

The British Dam Society is an Associated Society of the Institution of Civil Engineers.  It consists of individual and corporate members.  Membership is open to anyone wanting to share experience or knowledge of any aspect of dams and reservoirs.

The contact details for any media enquiries to the BDS is (This email is monitored and a response to your enquiry will be made as soon as possible by one of our team).

The Committee comprises five Strategic Objective Working Groups (SOWGs), each with a remit to further one of the objectives of the BDS Strategy.

BDS also has a Young Professionals Group (BDS-YP) specifically catering for the needs and aspirations of the members of BDS under the age of 35.

BDS Executive Committee

BDS Chair

Alan Warren

BDS Vice Chair

David Littlemore

Immediate Past Chair


BDS Hon Technical Secretary 

Andrew Thompson


BDS-YP (Young Professionals)

BDS-YP Chair

Sarah Loughrey

BDS-YP Mentoring Champion (

Keith MacDonald

BDS-YP Events Champion

Ryan McHugh

BDS-YP Social Media Champion

Oliver White


Membership SOWG

To increase and diversify membership of the BDS, Supervising Engineer & All Reservoirs Panels


BDS Hon Technical Secretary & Group Leader

Andrew Thompson

BDS Chair

Alan Warren

BDS-YP Chair

Sarah Loughrey

BDS Hon Website Manager

Rhys Coombs


Knowledge SOWG

To improve the quality and relevancy of our knowledge database


Editorial Panel Chair, Group Leader & Reservoirs Committee

Rachel Pether

BDS Hon Editor, Dams & Reservoirs Journal

Anthea Peters

Knowledge Database

Tom Wanner

ICOLD and ReSRAG coordinator

Barry Dooley


Professionalism SOWG

To improve knowledge dissemination and communications to our membership


Group Leader

Rachel Davies
Technical Site Visits Brett Marshall

Regional Meetings

Duncan Scott

Evening Meetings

Darren Shaw

SE Forum 2021

Billy Sheehy

BDS Vice Chair - Finance

David Littlemore

BDS-YP Mentoring Champion (

Keith MacDonald

BDS-YP Events Champion

Ryan McHugh


Education SOWG

To enthuse the next generation of dam professionals


Arkwright Scholarships & Group Leader

Paul Farnell

University & Colleges Liaison

Dougie Scott


Newman Booth

Schools liaison

Oliver White


Informing Opinion SOWG

To improve links and communications with external organisations, institutions and the public


Group Leader

Roger Lewis

Social Media

Craig Goff

External Relations

Stephen Lockett


Natalie Bennett

ICE BDS secretary:

Secretary - British Dam Society,
The Institution of Civil Engineers,
One Great George Street,
London, Westminster.
t +44 (0)20 7665 2244