BDS Yearbook

Welcome to the first British Dam Society (BDS) Yearbook.

This new publication, which we hope will in future be published at the end of each calendar year, has been developed for the following reasons:

  • Our journal, Dams & Reservoirs, has been a mixture of technical papers, event articles, the gallimaufry, Corporate Member profiles and occasional individual member stories. In order to provide more opportunities for technical papers, the BDS committee has decided to remove all the magazine-style features and focus
  • Dam & Reservoirs on technical papers in line with other journals published by learned societies and the Institution of Civil Engineers. This will increase the technical content of our journal and provide more authors, including our young professionals, the opportunity to publish their work.
  • This new Yearbook will provide the BDS with an opportunity to showcase some of the work that it does within its working groups together with a number of articles that don’t naturally sit within the scope of our journal, Dams & Reservoirs. This will help you to understand how we work and how you can assist with the running of the BDS, either by standing for the Committee or in one of the other ways that we have identified in this Yearbook.
  • Our new Yearbook will provide our members with an opportunity to discover more about our Corporate Members. As you will see towards the rear of this publication, some of our Corporate Members have provided details of projects that they have been working on during 2021. If any of these projects interest you, then do get in contact with the respective Corporate Member using the contact details provided. The intention is that different projects will be showcased each year, and we have been assured that more Corporate Members will be able to provide details of their projects next year.

We do hope that you enjoy the first Yearbook. We will develop the content of future editions, so if you have any comments about this current issue, or have suggestions for additional content for the 2022 BDS Yearbook then please do contact the publications editor Andrew Pepper ( to discuss your ideas.

You can view the 2021 Yearbook by clicking here.

David Littlemore
BDS Chair