Reservoir Research


The Reservoir Safety Research Advisory Group (ReSRAG) was brought together by the ICE in association with Defra. It was officially set up in 2001, however this was a regularisation of a previously existing group. It consists of experts from across industry and academia who:  

  • Advise on and review R&D strategies 
  • Assist in the identification of funding 
  • Encourage wider input of interested parties 
  • Agree and advise on R&D priorities 
  • Support in the defining and drafting of R&D proposals 
  • Promote completed R&D, providing advice and guidance 
  • Support publicising widely to improve awareness.

The committee is made up of the Chair (usually also the Chair of the BDS), two reservoir owners, two academics and two panel engineers along with representatives from Scottish Government, Welsh Government, Northern Ireland, the Environment Agency and Defra. You can find the list of current members of ReSRAG here. The committee meet four times a year. 

ReSRAG considers research requirements under eight themes. You can access a summary of related research material and learning resources by clicking on the theme links. These include references to relevant guidance, content produced by the BDS/ICOLD and information provided by our ICOLD Technical Committee representatives.