Theme 4 - Operations, monitoring and surveillance

Reservoir safety research advisory group (ReSRAG)

Research Theme: Operations, monitoring and surveillance

ReSRAG Theme Lead: Newman Booth; Support: Ian Scholefield


Relevant ICOLD committees and UK representatives

Committee D: Concrete Dams – Malcolm Dunstan

Committee E: Embankment Dams – Rod Bridle / Alan Brown

Committee H: Dam Safety – Andy Hughes

Committee L: Tailings Dams and Waste Lagoons – Rafael Monroy

Committee LE: Levees – Jonathan Simm

Committee M: Operation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Dams – Craig Goff

Committee Q: Dam Surveillance – Ian Hope

Key UK guidance documents
UK papers Refer to the BDS bibliography for all reservoir-related technical papers
Key ICOLD bulletins

B180 - Dam Surveillance - Lessons learnt from case histories (pre-print)

B175 - Dam Safety Management: Pre- operational Phases of the Dam Life Cycle (pre-print)

B168 - Recommendations for Operation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation (2017)

B158 - Dam Surveillance Guide (2018)

B157 - Small Dams: Design, Surveillance and Rehabilitation (2016)

B154 - Dam Safety Management: Operational Phase of the Dam Life Cycle (2017)

B139 - Improving Tailings Dam Safety ‐ Critical Aspects of Management, Design, Operation and Closure (2011)

B138 - General Approach to Dam Surveillance (2009)

B119 - Rehabilitation of Dams and Appurtenant Works ‐ State‐of‐the‐Art and Case Histories (2000)

B118 - Automated Dam Monitoring Systems ‐ Guidelines and Case Histories (2000)

B104 - Monitoring of Tailings Dams ‐ Review and Recommendations (1996)

B093 - Ageing of dams and appurtenant works (1994)

B087 - Improvement of existing dam monitoring ‐ Recommendations and case histories (1992)

B068 - Monitoring of dams and their foundations ‐ State of the art (1988)

B066 - Dam monitoring ‐ General considerations (1988)

B021 - General considerations applicable to instrumentation for earth and rockfill dams (1969)

Relevant BDS evening meetings 
  • BDS Webinar Session 3 - Now for something completely different (2020)
  • Managing Reservoirs: A Client's Perspective (2017)
  • Real-time monitoring of a remote Welsh dam (2016)
Current UK research To be completed
Recent and current international research To be completed
Key international publications and guides For additional references, refer to ICOLD bulletins