ICOLD Membership

Members of BDS are automatically members of ICOLD, as BDS forms the UK section of the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD).  A number of documents on the ICOLD website are freely available to BDS members, but a registration process is required. To register on the ICOLD website BDS members must first obtain the UK code from the BDS Technical Secretary.  With that code an ICOLD individual login and password will be set up, enabling copies of Proceedings (see below) to be ordered and Technical Bulletins (see below) to be downloaded.

ICOLD bulletins and congress proceedings from 2018 onwards are available free to BDS members on the ICOLD website and can be accessed through the following CRC portal: BDS Members should contact the BDS Technical Secretary for the current login and password information.

ICOLD Congresses and Symposia

ICOLD Congresses are held every three years, when three or four technical questions are selected and debated.  The Proceedings, include the academic communications and the ensuing discussions, and can be purchased from the ICOLD website. However, Congress Proceedings that are more than 6 years old (i.e. excluding those from the two most recent Congresses) are free on CD-ROM for BDS members, except for shipping costs. In the years between Congresses ICOLD holds Annual Meetings.  To obtain a copy of the Proceedings from the Symposia held at these ICOLD Annual Meetings, BDS Members would need to contact the organising committees from the relevant host country.

ICOLD Technical Bulletins

One of ICOLD’s functions over the years has been to distil best international practice on all aspects of dams.  This is done by 26 Technical Committees drawn from their membership of over 100 countries.  These are then published in the form of Bulletins of which to date ICOLD has published nearly 150.

The BDS is represented by a number of its members serving on these committees and a full list of the current UK members serving on ICOLD committees, and current vacancies, can be found here.

The BDS will financially support members who represent BDS on ICOLD Technical Committees.  Representatives are appointed by the BDS Main Committee and are expected to play an active part in ‘their’ Committee and to attend all meetings of that Committee.  The ‘main’ meeting of each Technical Committee is either at the Annual Meeting or during the Congress (which occurs every three years).

BDS will contribute a total of £300 per annum towards each representative’s expenses on receipt of a full report in a form ready for publication in ‘Dams and Reservoirs’.  This report should confirm attendance at the Congress or Annual Meeting of ICOLD, detail the work of the Committee and outline the content and progress of any bulletins.  The report should be submitted to the BDS Technical Secretary who may ask for additional information before publication. 

BDS members who would like to become a member of an ICOLD Technical Committee should indicate their interest to the BDS Technical Secretary stating which Committee they would like to join with a statement that their employer will support them financially and allow time to attend the ICOLD Annual Meetings and Congresses around the world.

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