Corporate Membership

The Benefits of BDS Corporate Membership

The BDS provides CPD opportunities through the biennial conference, seminars and a programme of technical meetings in London and the regions throughout the year.

These provide an opportunity for the exchange of experience and information with other professionals, clients, competitors and suppliers.

The Society’s membership includes many senior staff and managers in top consultancies, dam owner organisations, government agencies and major contractors, who are involved in dams and reservoirs both in the UK and overseas.

The BDS has involvement in national and international technical committees and steering groups, influencing guidance and research projects.

The BDS informs and supports their members on national and international issues and best practice in planning, development, maintenance and operation of dams and reservoirs.

Corporate Membership also includes the following benefits:

  • Three named representatives will have all the privileges of individual members, including hard copies of the Society’s “Dams and Reservoirs” journal, as well as access to the BDS Members’ Area on the BDS website and the ICOLD Members’ Section on the ICOLD website, where Technical Bulletins can be downloaded free of charge,
  • Company details will be published within the Society’s “Dams and Reservoirs” journal,
  • The company’s logo and link to their website will be published on the BDS website,
  • An invitation will be offered to provide a PowerPoint slide to advertise the company, which will be shown before each of the BDS evening talks,
  • The Corporate named representative will have voting rights at the society’s AGM or Special Meetings and at all elections for new committee members.

How to Become a Corporate Member of the BDS

The subscription fee for a Corporate Member of the British Dam Society is £375 per year.

To apply for Corporate Membership, please download the form via the link below:

BDS Corporate Membership Application Form

Please return completed forms to the BDS Secretary at 

Please don’t hesitate to contact the BDS Secretary ( if you have any queries or need help with your application.


Disclaimer: Each of the organisations listed below is a Corporate Member of the British Dam Society. The links given connect to websites developed by the various organisations which outline their specific services or products. The British Dam Society does not in any way endorse these services or products or accept any responsibility or liability for information, services or products accessed via these websites or the consequences resulting from their use.



Aecom Ltd

CONTACT: Andrew Davie

TELEPHONE: +44 (0)131 311 4000 WEBSITE:   

Aecom, formerly Faber Maunsell, is an international, multidisciplinary consultancy with a long history of dam engineering.  In addition to involvement in over 300 dams in the UK, we also have extensive experience overseas, with dam projects in Hong Kong, the Middle East, south-east Asia and the Far East.  We provide a full range of services relating to the design, construction, statutory inspection and remediation of dams and reservoirs for water supply, flood alleviation and hydropower.

Aqua-Media International Ltd

CONTACT: Alison Bartle

TELEPHONE: +44 20 8773 7240 E-MAIL: WEBSITE:

Aqua-Media International Ltd, publisher of the bi-monthly journal Hydropower & Dams, aims to provide reliable data and a balanced view on the role and benefits of water storage and hydro plants, for its readership worldwide.  Papers focus on technical, financial, economic and environmental issues.  Special issues are produced for the annual ICOLD events, and previews and reports are published of BDS conferences.  The company also brings together world experts at its own international events, working closely with ICOLD, IEA, ICID and ESHA.  Biennial African conferences are organised in part­nership with ICOLD.



CONTACT: Anthea Peters

TELEPHONE: +44 (0) +44 113 242 8498 WEBSITE:

Arup was formed in 1946 and is a global firm of consulting engineers, planners and scientists with a specialist water consultancy providing excellence in water and environmental engineering.  Arup has a proven track record in the inspection, monitoring and supervision of existing reservoirs.  Arup also has expertise in investigation, feasibility, design and construction supervision of new dams, as well as the design of remedial and improvement works to existing dams.  Dam projects have been undertaken worldwide for central and local government, international funding agencies, privatised water utility companies, banks and design and build contractors.  Arup has also undertaken work for research organisations including CIRIA, the DETR and others, and produced guides on many aspects of dam and reservoir design and maintenance.



CONTACT: Mike Hughes

TELEPHONE: Tel: +44 (0)1372 756983 E-MAIL: WEBSITE:

Atkins, the largest consultancy in the UK with more than 16 000 staff worldwide, is an international, multi-disciplinary consultancy with over 100 years' experience of dam engineering.  Atkins offers the full range of services associated with dam engineering including new dams for water supply, flood alle­viation, river regulation, irrigation and hydropower, repairs and upgrade of existing dams, inspection and supervision under the Reservoirs Act 1975 both in the UK and overseas.  Additional services are offered in risk assessment, particularly portfolio risk assessment, and training.

Bachy Soletanche Ltd

CONTACT: David Hard


Bachy Soletanche provide essential waterside infrastructure that helps protect and serve communities across the UK and Ireland. We recognise that as a precious natural resource, we must do everything we can to preserve the quality of our water, ensuring it remains clean and unpolluted.
Through our experience with a range of water industry projects, we are well equipped to deliver bespoke ground engineering solutions for dam repairs, sewage system upgrades and flood relief schemes. We have worked in a range of challenging conditions, including very high permeability rock and unpredictable strata, as well as operating in active reservoirs.


Binnies UK Ltd

CONTACT: John Hopkins

TELEPHONE: +44(0)7549 928666 / +44(0)1737 852847 WEBSITE:

Binnies is a UK-owned engineering consultancy with over 100 years’ experience in dam engineering.  Originally formed in 1890, the company has played a pivotal role in the design and construction of many of the world’s most iconic dams.  In the 21stcentury, Binnies reservoir team continues to thrive, providing Panel Engineer services and technical excellence in dam engineering and reservoir safety, as well as leading the way with the UK reservoir industry’s digital transformation.

Blackhall Engineering Limited
CONTACT: Dean Wheatley
TELEPHONE: Main: +44 (0)1484 407080 / Direct: +44 (0)7912 758578 EMAIL: WEBSITE:
Blackhall Engineering est. in 1965 and suppliers of the 100 year life ™ gate valve and other valve products including Larner Johnson valves. Spares and refurbishment specialists plus site services such as VAMP™ (Valve Asset Maintenance Programme) offering robust ongoing maintenance service plans for critical assets in Dams and Reservoirs.


Bristol Water plc

CONTACT: Jonathan Rippon

TELEPHONE: +44 (0)117 9665 881 WEBSITE:

Bristol Water plc, founded in 1846, supplies a population of 1.1 million people and all the associated businesses in an area of 2,400 square kilometres (1,000 square miles) centred on Bristol. Our area of supply ranges from Thornbury and Tetbury in the north to Street and Glastonbury in the south, from Weston-super-Mare in the west to Frome in the east.

CC Hydrodynamics

CONTACT: Rhys Coombs

TELEPHONE: +44 (0)7512 363303 E-MAIL:


CC Hydrodynamics (CCH) is a specialist numerical modelling house focussing on water and wet infrastructure. The company has the following capabilities: computational fluid dynamics, large detailed inundation models (floods and dam breach), operational modelling, hydrology and geospatial data modelling.


Duglas Alliance Ltd

CONTACT: Yuliia Kulheiko

TELEPHONE: + 44 (0) 203 608 18 46 E-MAIL: / WEBSITE: 

Duglas Alliance Ltd is a British company specialising in hydropower and industrial projects construction.  The Company is able to join the project at any stage of construction and further operation – as an external project management office or providing services as a subcontractor. 


Duglas Alliance Ltd employees participated in construction of major industrial and power facilities all over the world – in Africa, Iran, India, Ukraine, Russia and other countries.  The largest project of the company is the construction of Sendje Hydropower Plant in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.


The network of Duglas Alliance Ltd’s partners and suppliers comprises more than a hundred companies around the world – ranging from small, but reliable suppliers of consumables for the life support of the construction site to large energy companies, such as General Electrics.  Equipment fleet of the Company has 270 units of construction and elevation machinery and specialised construction equipment from leading manufacturers.

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

CONTACT: Stephen Shakespeare

TELEPHONE: +44 (0)7469 355649 E-MAIL: WEBSITE:

Welsh Water is the sixth largest of the ten regulated water and sewerage companies in England and Wales.  Responsible for providing over three million people with a continuous, high-quality supply of drinking water and for taking away, treating and properly disposing of the wastewater that is pro­duced, we are fully committed to delivering best-quality service at least possible cost.  As a 'not-for-profit company', Welsh Water does not have shareholders and any financial surpluses are reinvested in the business for the benefit of customers.  We own and operate 84 statutory dams and a further 49 smaller service reservoirs and impounding reservoirs.

Edwards Diving Services Ltd

CONTACT: Nathan Walding

TELEPHONE: + 44 (0)29 2086 2020 E-MAIL: WEBSITE: 

EDS are a Marine and Civil Engineering Contractor, specialising in the inspection, maintenance and refurbishment of dams and reservoirs. We operate all over the UK on, in and underwater, in confined spaces and other difficult-to-access locations to fulfil our purpose of providing engineering solutions in challenging locations for a safer environment. Our team of engineers and skilled personnel work with our clients to resolve their complex engineering problems, supported by an in-house fleet of specialist tools, fabrication workshops and leading-edge equipment. We can provide a full turnkey solution for valve isolations from initial inspection, to design and fabrication then installation using diving or specialist remote operated vehicles underwater.

Geotechnical Observations Limited
CONTACT: Mr Daniele Fornelli
Geotechnical Observations Ltd (GeO) was formed in April 2000 with the specific aim of improving understanding of the behaviour of earth structures (e.g. embankment, cuttings and excavations) through the collection of high quality monitoring results. Originally a spin-out company from Imperial College London, the founding directors included Professor Peter Vaughan and Dr Andrew Ridley.
GeO can supply, install, commission, read, report and interpret the results from most type of geotechnical instruments. It is however probably best known for its unique flushable piezometers, which are ideal for reliably measuring pore pressures in earth structures (e.g. dams and embankments). GeO also supplies ShapeArrays for monitoring displacements and Geodaisy® monitoring software for collecting, presenting and interpreting monitoring data.
GeO has over 20 years’ experience of monitoring earth structures and has published widely on the subject.


Glenfield Invicta Ltd
CONTACT: Greg Morris
TELEPHONE: +44(0)7810 377246 / +44(0)1563 522150 EMAIL: WEBSITE:
Glenfield Invicta Ltd, with offices in Kilmarnock and Maidstone, have been designing and manufacturing specialist engineered valves for more than 150 years. Our products are used worldwide in a considerable number of dam, reservoir and hydropower installations. Our strength is providing engineered valve solutions and we have a considerable product portfolio of specialist valves, penstocks and mechanical fittings ranging from sizes DN50 to 4000, ensuring that we can provide the optimal valve solution for your application. This specialist capability has made the Glenfield Invicta name synonymous with engineering excellence worldwide. Our dedicated team of highly qualified engineers and project managers is available to assist in the design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning as well as planned maintenance of the complete range of AVK Group products. As well as the supply of new products Glenfield provides on-site engineering, repair, maintenance and refurbishment solutions for all valve types.

HR Wallingford Ltd

CONTACT: Craig Goff

TELEPHONE: +44(0)7709 413923 E-MAIL: WEBSITE:

HR Wallingford has the specialist knowledge to help solve the most complex dams and reservoir-related challenges, including those involving risk, dam breach, reservoir sedimentation and intelligent monitoring. With over 75 years’ experience in hydraulic engineering, our internationally renowned experts use the latest innovations and technology developed from our research programme in order to deliver sustainable and cost-effective consultancy solutions. Our unique mix of research and consultancy skills is supported by state-of-the-art numerical modelling tools and large physical modelling laboratories. We collaborate on some of the most nationally significant dams and reservoirs projects, author national guidance, and bring fresh thinking to the thorniest challenges.

Hesselberg Hydro Ltd

CONTACT: Roger Smith

TELEPHONE: +44 (0)1303 864343 / +44 (0)7831 378649 E-MAIL: WEBSITE: 

Hesselberg Hydro specialises in the use of asphalt in hydraulic engineering for erosion & scour protection. The company supplies & installs reinforced geomats for river training, open stone asphalt (OSA) for flood protection structures, estuarine revetments & dams, and grouted rock for the most exposed coastlines. OSA is often used to strengthen failed concrete blocks and weak stone-pitched revetments, and as an alternative to concrete blocks to provide spillway erosion protection. As well as contracting, our comprehensive service encompasses feasibility studies, inspections, design and maintenance of asphaltic structures for dams, rivers, coastlines and ports.


Allied Exploration & Geotechnics Limited (AEG) began operations in February 1988 as an independent site investigation company. We have maintained a vibrant track record having been engaged on numerous prestigious projects by many of the leading UK Client, Consultant and Main Contractor organisations. The Company has provided investigation services to United Utilities, Northumbrian Water Limited and Essex & Suffolk Water for many years which includes operations in connection with dam assets and other related infrastructure. AEG was acquired by SafeLane Global in March 2022, and has subsequently in the second-half of 2023, been rebranded to Igne (a brand name) encompassing a diverse group of businesses operating in the pre-construction sector.
The Company and the Igne Group retains an enhanced, competitive and comprehensive UK wide service that provides the highest standards of geotechnical and environmental investigation in accordance with recognised ISO and industry compliant third-party accredited management systems. We are fully resourced to undertake a broad range of site investigation contracts efficiently and effectively in accordance with industry guidelines and quality standards for drilling, sampling and in-situ testing. Our plant based services are extensive, including low-headroom (for restricted access) and standard cable percussion rigs, various capacity rotary rigs (most configured for dynamic sampling techniques), tracked and wheeled window sampler units, as well as supported by low-pressure tracked access platforms (for soft ground access) and sonic drilling services available through other parts of the Igne group of companies.



CONTACT: Andy Courtnage


Jacobs is one of the world's largest and most diverse providers of professional technical services.  Our fundamental business strategy is building long-term client relationships to provide superior customer value, with over 90 percent of our work being repeat business.  In the UK our permanent staff includes, six AR and one SR Panel Engineers as well as eight Supervising Engineers.  This reflects our wide geo­graphic and technical skills.  All services are offered from inspection and asset management through to new dams and reservoirs both in the UK and internationally.

JN Bentley

JN Bentley is a civil engineering, building and MEICA contractor that specialises in the safe and efficient delivery of sustainable solutions. We’re flexible in our approach, offering design and build or build only services. We’re capable of supporting Clients at all stages of project delivery, from concept to completion, but agile enough to tailor our approach to provide the support you need.
As part of the Mott MacDonald Group, we have seamless access to the pooled technical capabilities and resources of a global consultant, with a local presence – enabling us to bring the latest expertise and innovation to solve your challenges.
JN Bentley have a strong heritage in the water sector, including extensive experience undertaking works to reservoirs within the UK. Our experience includes works well in excess of 100 schemes with a wide range of Clients over a number of AMP periods. Our work has covered all aspects and magnitudes of reservoir safety, capital maintenance and emergency works to impounding, non-impounding and service reservoirs.



Keller Ltd

CONTACT: Mark Williams

TELEPHONE: +44 (0)2476 511266 / +44 (0)7557 033271 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Keller is one of the UK's largest and most successful specialist geotechnical engineering contractors providing design and construct services for specialist grouting, piling, I&M, retaining structures and ground improvement packages using state-of-the-art plant, our highly trained professionals and innovative technologies to deliver projects within programme.
Sister company, Geo-Instruments, is also extremely experienced at providing automated systems for monitoring the safety and stability of dams, bridges and other structures enabling owners, infrastructure operators and engineers to identify and mitigate risk, optimise designs/solutions and document regulatory compliance.
We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach, working with contractors, clients and engineers across all sectors to ensure a quality solution is delivered in a safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Our vast experience of working on reservoir and dam projects both in the UK and around the World, means that clients will always receive the best advice, highest quality service and most competitive price regardless of the scheme’s complexity and location.



CONTACT: Russ Digby

TELEPHONE: +44 (0)1202 786430 E-MAIL: WEBSITE:

KGAL offers a complete structural, mechanical and electrical engineering service, both in the UK and overseas, through all stages of a project from feasibility studies and conceptual design development to final commissioning on site.
With more relevant staff years’ experience than any comparable company, KGAL are recognised as leaders in the field of Water Control Gate design, engineering and project management. Our engineers have a true working knowledge of all aspects of design, inspection, manufacture, installation and commissioning.
In addition, we have specialised in the application of reliability analysis to the hydraulic steel structures field, using techniques such as HAZOP/HAZID, FMECA and FTA to optimise designs for both safety and availability purposes.

Klohn Crippen Berger

Klohn Crippen Berger (KCB) is an engineering, geosciences, and environmental consulting firm with over 70 years of experience serving clients worldwide. We have designed and collaborated on constructing hydroelectric and water supply projects globally, integrating the application of engineering with environmental, community and safety-by-design principles. This approach drives our reputation as a leading-edge provider of professional services. KCB provides due diligence services for independent power producers, lenders, owners, and third-party stakeholders. Our team of professionals performs comprehensive inspections and reviews of the design, operation, maintenance, condition, and performance of earth fill, rockfill, concrete and roller-compacted concrete dams and associated equipment. We have considerable experience in the rehabilitation of dams and powerhouses.

Minova International Limited

CONTACT: Mark Jolly


Minova has developed and delivered reliable ground support and geotechnical solutions for infrastructure projects since 1882. A portfolio of steel and GFRP rock anchors and soil nails, resin capsule grouts and numerous injection resins and mortars, provides a comprehensive range of solutions for ground and structure stabilisation, repair of cracks and treatment of water influx.

MMP Marine & Inspection Ltd
CONTACT: Scott Miller TELEPHONE: + 44 (0)7811115737 E-MAIL: WEBSITE:
MMP are a Marine and Civil Engineering Contractor covering a range of services which include commercial diving, confined space entry & rescue, safety boat hire and operations as well as our design and fabrication facilities. In addition, MMP have developed bespoke ROVs capable of traversing up to 2km from a single point of entry in tunnels, pipes and aqueducts in both water filled and dry assets eliminating the need for manned entry or costly drain downs. Our specialist teams and equipment make us a one stop shop for the diverse and dynamic projects we are involved with.

Mott MacDonald Ltd


Mott MacDonald is a leading provider of dam engineering services with a growing portfolio of major projects both in the UK and overseas.  We have been engaged in the study, design and construction of major dams and barrages for more than 80 years, providing a range of services including dam breach analysis, risk assessments, emergency planning, inspection, design and construction supervision on projects throughout the world covering all forms of dam construction.

Multiconsult UK Ltd.

CONTACT: Georgie Johnson

EMAIL: TELEPHONE: +44 (0)1233 754485 WEBSITE:
Multiconsult is an engineering design consultancy in the field of hydropower and dams dating back to the 1920s in Africa. We provide a full range of services covering complete project life-cycle from conception (feasibility studies) through to construction/commissioning. In the UK we have done cost efficient upgrades to century old schemes, as well as studied new build projects. The UK office is an integral part of the larger Multiconsult Group with over 3,400 employees.

Natural Resources Wales

CONTACT: Reservoirs Regulation Team TELEPHONE: 0300 065 3000 E-MAIL: WEBSITE:
We are the enforcement authority for the Reservoirs Act 1975 in Wales, regulating around 400 large raised reservoirs which have a capacity of 10,000+ cubic metres. Our principal duty is to ensure reservoir undertakers observe and comply with the law. We are moving our focus from traditional compliance to one which promotes reservoir safety more widely. Our goals are to provide the following:
1. A clear vision and objectives for reservoir safety in Wales
2. A regulatory process which focuses on positive outcomes beyond compliance
3. Improving access to advice, guidance, training and development for everyone
We also manage and operate a substantial portfolio of reservoirs for flood risk management and conservation benefits, including reservoirs within the Welsh Government Woodland Estate to provide popular public amenity.

Portsmouth Water
CONTACT: Ruari Maybank TELEPHONE: 023 9249 9888 EMAIL: Website:
Portsmouth Water is one of the oldest water companies in the country, having been incorporated in 1857. Our water, of high quality, is derived from the chalk of the South Downs and is abstracted from wells, boreholes, springs and the river Itchen. The springs at Havant and Bedhampton are thought to the largest springs used for public supply in Europe. We serve 316,000 homes and businesses in an area covering 868 square kilometres.

Severn Trent plc


TELEPHONE: 07774 336 430 E-MAIL:

Severn Trent Plc is a FTSE 100 company, providing and treating water and waste water in the UK and internationally, through our two main businesses - Severn Trent Water and Severn Trent Services.  At Severn Trent Water we serve more than 3.7 million homes and business customers in England and Wales, and our region stretches from mid-Wales to Rutland and from the Bristol Channel to the Humber.  We own and manage a captivating collection of dams and have 59 reservoirs currently subject to the Reservoir Act 1975.  We deliver almost two billion litres of water every day through 46 000 kilometres of pipes.  A further 91 000 kilometres of sewer pipes take waste water away to more than 1000 of our sewage treatment works for treatment to exacting standards.

SSE Renewables


Part of the FTSE-listed SSE plc, SSE Renewables is a leading developer and operator of renewable energy generation, headquartered in the UK and Ireland, with a growing presence internationally. SSE Renewables has an operational portfolio of around 4GW of installed onshore wind, offshore wind and hydro generation capacity, with a secured future project pipeline of over 15GW in development. SSE Renewables’ 1,459MW hydro portfolio includes 300MW of pumped storage and 1,159MW of conventional hydro. Under the Reservoirs (Scotland) Act 2011, SSE Renewables operates 76 reservoirs, including 93 dams, across a wide geographical area. These unique and complex structures present a diverse range of engineering challenges and are managed by an in-house team of six Supervising Engineers



Stillwater Associates

CONTACT: David Littlemore

TELEPHONE: +44 (0)1737 768237 WEBSITE: 

Stillwater Associates is dedicated to reservoir safety and water engineering services.  The business was established as a specialist reservoir engineering consultancy in 2005 and has an extensive network of 17 reservoir panel engineers throughout England and Wales.  We offer a full reservoir safety consultancy service from inspection and advisory services through to planning, design, contract management and construction supervision.  We currently work for a wide range of reservoir undertakers including water companies, local and national government, the Environment Agency, charities, farmers and other private owners in the UK and overseas.  We also partner with other consultancy firms, both large and small, where our combined skills and widespread geographical locations add value to clients.


CONTACT: Kimberley Dodge

Stonbury are specialist contractors to the Water Industry, maintaining framework agreements with over 14 of the UK’s leading Water Companies for the repair, refurbishment and maintenance of water retaining assets, including service reservoir, water towers and associated structures. Our specialist services are applied to a range of assets, from raw to treated water storage points.

Utilising extensive and practical knowledge in both civil engineering and high-performance repair, waterproofing and coating systems, Stonbury are proud to have completed the build of their first service reservoir in 2017. Stonbury’s in-house expertise and directly employed teams offer cost-effective and reliable solutions for a range of civils and new build schemes.


Telespazio UK Ltd

CONTACT: Yemi Francois

E-MAIL: TELEPHONE: +44 (0)1582 399 000 WEBSITE:

With a pedigree in space technology stretching back over 40 years, Telespazio UK (TPZ UK) is an experienced consulting, technology, engineering, space operations and service development business. A subsidiary of Telespazio S.p.A in Rome, TPZ UK has built its first class reputation by exploiting technology developments in Earth Observation and satellite navigation & communications, pioneering innovative services in space operations and applications.

CONTACT: Dr Jo Hamlyn
TELEPHONE: +44 (0)2920 700127 WEBSITE:
TerraDat provides non-invasive geophysical investigation of dams and spillways to identify and characterise subsurface defects not observable from the surface. TerraDat has 30 years experience in providing critical information to engineers for the design of efficient and effective intrusive investigation and remediation. We often find that an integrated combination of geophysical techniques can provide the level of information required.


Thames Water Utilities Limited

CONTACT: Jon Green

TELEPHONE: +44 (0)845 9200800 WEBSITE:

Thames Water is the UK's largest water and sewerage company, serving 14 million customers across London and the Thames Valley.  The area we service covers 5000 km2, from parts of Kent and Essex in the east to the fringes of Gloucestershire in the west.  Thames Water owns and operates 56 statutory dams and a further 450 smaller service reservoirs and flood storage areas throughout the Thames Water region.

United Utilities Water plc

CONTACT: Ian Scholefield

TELEPHONE: +44 (0)1925 678365 E-MAIL: WEBSITE:

United Utilities is the largest supply reservoir owner in England and Wales.  We provide water and wastewater services to 7 million customers from Carlisle to Crewe and from the Pennines to the sea.  We supply 2 billion litres of water a day, via 95 water treatment works and 40 000 km of distribution mains, from sources which include 155 open reservoirs.

Yorkshire Water Plc

CONTACT: Newman Booth 

TELEPHONE: +44(0)3451 242424  EMAIL: WEBSITE: 

Yorkshire Water are responsible for providing clean and waste water services to over five million customers and businesses within Yorkshire, and the efficient management of the local water supply network from source to tap.  We are responsible for 134 large raised reservoirs under the ambit of the Reservoirs Act 1975, ensuring their continued safety and availability for water supply and amenity within local communities.