BDS Strategy

BDS has a vision of how the dam engineering profession should be seen in the UK and where the Society should be in future years; noting that the safety of reservoirs should be the key driving force of the Society; which is encompassed in this vision statement:

“BDS – a growing, inclusive and vibrant society; sharing knowledge and improving reservoir safety”

Five Strategic Objectives are identified in the BDS Strategy 2016-2025, namely:

  • Membership
  • Knowledge
  • Professionalism
  • Education
  • Informing Opinion

Detailed Action Plans are prepared and updated annually to provide a focus for BDS to work in each of these objective areas.

Following the launch of the BDS Strategy in 2016, the BDS Committee set up five Strategic Objective Working Groups (SOWGs) with the aim to make plans and progress towards delivering the five strategic objectives and the vision and values of the BDS.