BDS Conferences

A BDS conference has been held once every two years since 1982.  The conferences have formed some of the most successful events of BDS with more than 250 participants at recent conferences.

They are normally held at a University campus to keep costs low and have generally taken place over two and half days with one afternoon being used for visits to dams. 

Conference proceedings have been published by Thomas Telford (now ICE Publishing) since 1990 and are available from the ICE Bookshop.

A summary of BDS conferences is given below.  Links from the (recent) conference locations go to individual conference websites which contain copies of papers.  Delegates who attended recent conferences can access the papers using the password issued with the conference joining instructions.

BDS Conferences and Proceedings


2016 | Lancaster

19th Biennial BDS Conference



2014 | Belfast

18th Biennial BDS Conference



2012 | Leeds

17th Biennial BDS Conference



2010 | Strathclyde

16th Biennial BDS Conference



2008 | Warwick

15th Biennial BDS Conference



2006 | Durham

14th Biennial BDS Conference



2004 | Canterbury

13th Biennial BDS Conference



2002 | Dublin

12th Biennial BDS Conference



2000 | Bath

11th Biennial BDS Conference




1998 | Bangor

10th Biennial BDS Conference




1996 | York

9th Biennial BDS Conference




1994 | Exeter

8th Biennial BDS Conference




1992 | Stirling

7th Biennial BDS Conference




1990 | Nottingham

6th Biennial BDS Conference



1988 | Manchester

5th Biennial BDS Conference



1986 | Edinburgh

4th Biennial BDS Conference




1984 | Cardiff

3rd Biennial BDS Conference



1982 | Keele

2nd Biennial BDS Conference



1975 | Newcastle

1st Biennial BDS Conference



Bibliography of BDS Conference Papers

The British Dam Society commissioned Paul Tedd to write short summaries of all papers published in the proceedings of the 18 BDS Conferences from 1975 to 2014, and can be found here in the of an Excel spreadsheet. Inevitably some errors will have occurred in the preparation of these summaries. Anyone finding errors should contact Paul Tedd at and suitable amendments will be made.

Geoffrey Binnie Lecture

This is the premier lecture of BDS and was formerly known as the BNCOLD lecture. It was renamed as the "Geoffrey Binnie Lecture" as it was endowed by Binnie and Partners. The lecture is presented at the BDS conference. The choice of lecturer is the responsibility of the Main Committee.

BNCOLD lecturers

1984 NJ Cochrane Insidious threats to dams and reservoirs
1986 FG Johnson Experience with the concrete dams of the North of Scotland Hydro Electric Board
1988 DJ Coats The concerns of a dam engineer


Geoffrey Binnie lecturers

1990 PA Back The ultimate dam
1992 W Pircher 36000 large dams ? and still more needed
1994 MF Kennard Four decades of development of British embankment dams
1996 TPC van Robbroeck Reservoirs - Bane or boon
1998 JA Charles The lives of embankment dams - Construction to old age.
2000 TA Johnston Taken for granted
2002 GP Sims The challenge for british dam engineers
2004 RE Coxon Matters related to adverse incidents associated with dams and the role of Review-Boards
2006 CJA Binnie Dams, responding to society's needs
2008 W Carlyle The Binnie heritage in dam engineering
2010 J Cowie Hydropower and Panel Engineers – a lasting legacy
2012 JL Hinks The Modern Dam Engineer
2014 GA Cooper OBE The Heritage of Dams in Northern Ireland
2016 Dr PJ Mason Dam Engineering: the last 50 years and the next 50 years