Theme 3 - Structures including Concrete Dams

Reservoir safety research advisory group (ReSRAG)

Research Theme: Structures including Concrete Dams

ReSRAG Theme Lead: Andy Hughes; Support: Newman Booth


Relevant ICOLD committees and UK representatives

Committee A: Computational Aspects of Analysis and Design of Dams – Loizos Pelecanos

Committee D: Concrete Dams – Malcolm Dunstan

Committee H: Dam Safety – Andy Hughes

Committee P: Cemented Material Dams – Peter Mason

Key UK guidance documents
  • Performance of blockwork and slabbing protection for dam faces. Herbert D M, Lovenbury H T, Allsop N W H and Reader R A (1995). HR Wallingford, Report SR345 49pp.
  • Engineering guide to the safety of concrete and masonry dam structures in the UK. Kennard M F, Owens C L and Reader R A (1996). CIRIA, Report 148, 172pp.
  • Culvert, screen and outfall manual (C786). Benn J, Kitchen A, Kirby A, Fosbeary C, Faulkner D, Latham D, Hemsworth M (2019). CIRIA, Report C786, 467pp.
  • Dam and reservoir conduits. Inspection, monitoring, maintenance and repair (C743). Hughes A K, Bruggemann D A, Gardiner K D, Blower T, Deane M, Nash D F T (2015). CIRIA, Report C743, 241pp.
  • Treated Water Storage Assets: Good practice for operation & management: Version 2 (2019). UKWIR, Report 19/RG/05/50.
UK papers Refer to the BDS bibliography for all reservoir-related technical papers
Key ICOLD bulletins

B71 – Exposure of Dam Concrete to Special Aggressive Waters

B184 – Management of expansive chemical reactions in concrete dams and hydroelectric projects (pre-print)

B183 – Selection of Dam Type (pre-print)

B177 – Roller-Compacted Concrete Dams (pre-print)

B165 - Selection of Materials for Concrete in Dams (pre-print)

B145 - The Physical Properties of Hardened Conventional Concrete in Dams (pre-print)

B136 - The Specification and Quality Control of Concrete for Dams (2009)

B135 - Geomembrane Sealings Systems for Dams (2010)

B126 - Roller‐Compacted Concrete Dams ‐ State‐of‐the‐Art and Case Histories (2003)

B177 - The gravity dam: A Dam for the Future ‐ Review and Recommendations (2000)

B107 - Concrete dams ‐ Control and treatment of cracks (1997)

B105 - Dams and related structures in cold climate ‐ Design guidelines and case studies (1996)

B091 - Embankment dams. Upstream slope protection ‐ Review and recommendations (1993)

B079 - Alkali‐aggregate reaction in concrete dams ‐ Review and recommendations (1991)

B078 - Watertight geomembranes for dams ‐ State of the art (1991)

B075 - Roller compacted concrete for gravity dams ‐ State of the art (1989)

B061 - Dam design criteria ‐ Philosophy of choice (1988)

B057 - Materials for joints in concrete dams (1986)

B051 - Filling materials for watertight cut off walls (1985)

B047 - Quality control of concrete (1983)

B040 - Fiber reinforced concrete (1989)

B036 - Cements for concrete for large dams (1982)

B026 - Methods of determining effects of shrinkage, creep and temperature on concrete for large dams (1976)

B025 - Extensibility of concrete for large dams (1976)

B024 - Accelerating and retarding admixtures (1973)

B022 - Pozzolans and slags for concrete for large dams (1972)

B020 - Surface‐active admixtures for concrete for large dams (1968)

B015 - Frost resistance of concrete (1960)

Relevant BDS evening meetings 
  • Early Behaviour of Concretes in Large Dams (2020)
  • Construction challenges at the Song Bung 4 RCC dam in Vietnam (2016)
  • The Practicalities and Economics of RCC (2014)
  • Dam Remedial Works in the South West (2011)
  • Design & Construction of Wadi Dayqah Dam, Oman (2010)
Current UK research To be completed
Recent and current international research To be completed
Key international publications and guides For additional references, refer to ICOLD bulletins