Theme 8 - Miscellaneous (seismicity, hydro-mechanical etc)

Reservoir safety research advisory group (ReSRAG)

Research Theme: Miscellaneous (seismicity, hydro-mechanical etc)

ReSRAG Theme Lead: Ian Scholefield; Support: Andy Hughes, Owen Jenkins


Relevant ICOLD committees and UK representatives

Committee B: Seismic Aspects of Dam Design – Ljiljana Spasic-Gril

Committee T: Prospective and new challenges for dams and reservoirs in the 21st century – Craig Scott

Committee V: Hydromechanical Equipment – Ken Grubb, Russ Digby (Co-opt)

EW Dams and earthquakes – BDS Chair

Key UK guidance documents
  • A Guide to the Reservoirs Act 1975: 2nd Edition. Institution of Civil Engineers (2014). Thomas Telford, London. 171pp.
  • Register of British dams. Tedd P and Horton IR (1994) Building Research Establishment, Report BR 261, 55pp.
  • An engineering guide to seismic risk to dams in the United Kingdom. Charles J A, Abbiss C P, Gosschalk E M and Hinks J L (1991). Building Research Establishment, Report BR 210, 64pp.
  • Bibliography of British dams. Charles J A and Tedd P [compilers] (1996). Building Research Establishment, Report BR 310, 50pp.
  • An application note to An engineering guide to seismic risk to dams in the United Kingdom. Institution of Civil Engineers (1998). ICE, London. 40pp.
  • Pipework, valves and associated equipment in dams (C789). Williamson T, Kelham P, Lopes S and Loftus B (2020). CIRIA, Report C789, 426pp.
  • Dam and reservoir conduits, Inspection, monitoring, investigation, maintenance and repair (C743). Hughes A K, Bruggemann D A, Gardiner K D, Blower T, Deane M and Nash D F T (2015). CIRIA, Report C743, 241pp.
UK papers Refer to the BDS bibliography for all reservoir-related technical papers
Key ICOLD bulletins

B173 - Integrated Operation of Hydropower Stations and Reservoirs (pre-print)

B166 - Inspection of dams following earthquake - guidelines Revision of Bulletin 062A (2016)

B163 - Dams for Hydroelectric Energy (pre-print)

B155 - Guidelines for Use of Numerical Models in Dam Engineering (2013)

B152 - Cost Savings in Specific Dams (2014)

B148 - Selecting Seismic Parameters for Large Dams ‐ Guidelines (revision of Bulletin 72) (2016)

B144 - Cost Savings in Dams (2014)

B143 - Historical Review on Ancient Dams (2013)

B137 - Reservoirs and Seismicity ‐ State of Knowledge (2011)

B123 - Seismic Design and Evaluation of Structures Appurtenant to Dams (2002)

B122 - Computational Procedures for Dam Engineering ‐ Reliability and Applicability (2001)

B120 - Design Features of Dams to Resist Seismic Ground Motion (2001)

B113 - Seismic observation of dams‐Guidelines and case studies (1999)

B112 - Neotectonic and dams ‐ Recommendations and case histories (1998)

B110 - Cost impact of rules, criteria and specifications ‐ Review and recommendations (1998)

B109 - Dams less than 30 m high ‐ Cost savings and safety improvements (1998)

B108 - Cost of flood control in dams ‐ Review and recommendations (1997)

B102 - Vibrations of Hydraulic Equipment for dams ‐ Review and Recommendations (1996)

B098 - Tailings Dams and Seismicity ‐ Review and Recommendations (1995)

B094 - Computer software for dams ‐ Validation (1994)

B083 - Cost impact on future dam design ‐ Analysis and proposals (1992)

B076 - Conventional methods in construction ‐ Review (1990)

B073 - Savings in dam construction ‐ Comments and proposals (1989)

B072 - Selecting seismic parameters for large dams ‐ Guidelines (1989)

B064 - Register of dam heightenings (1988)

B063 - New construction methods ‐ State of the art (1988)

B062 - Inspection of dams after earthquakes ‐Guidelines (1988)

B052 - Earthquake analysis for dams (1986)

B046 - Seismicity and dam design (1983)

B044 - Bibliography‐ Mine and industrial tailings dams and dumps (1989)

B043 - Synthetic resins for facings of dams (1982)

B034 - ICOLD Guide for the Internatinal System of Units (1979)

B033 - Compendium for dam symbols (1979)

B031 - A glossary of words and phrases related to dams (1982)

B030 - Finite elements methods in analysis and design of dams (1987)

B028 - Compendium of dam symbols (1977)

B027 - A review of earthquake resistant design of dams (1975)

B023 - Reports of the Committee on Observation on Dams and Models (1972)

Relevant BDS evening meetings 
  • BDS Webinar Session 1 – The Embankment Dam (2020)
  • Pipework, Valves and Associated Equipment in Dams (2020)
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Control and Automation (MEICA) Aspects of Dams (2019)
  • Talybont Reservoir – Innovations for Pipework Replacement (2019)
  • Everything you need to know about ICOLD (2018)
  • Innovation in dams (2018)
  • 75th Anniversary of the Dam Busters Raid (2018)
  • Dams do fail - hopefully not in my back garden (2017)
  • EA reservoir Research Projects Update (2017)
  • Recent experiences with large barrage and barrier gates (2015)
  • Gated Spillways: Are they safe enough? (2014)
  • The Great Sheffield Flood 1864 - Dale Dyke Dam Failure (2014)
  • Revisions to reservoir safety legislation & The Guide to the Act (second edition) (2014)
  • Hydropower dams in Pakistan (2013)
  • Failures of valves and penstocks at dams - reservoirs at risk (2013)
  • Update on the implementation of the FWM Act 2010 (2013)
  • The Present and Future of Spanish Dams Technology (2012)
  • St. Petersburg Barrier (2012)
  • An update on the implementation of the reservoir related provisions of the Floods & Water Act 2010 (2011)
  • Reservoir Safety R&D Strategy - Two Years On (2010)
  • Queens Valley Reservoir - A Contractor's reflections on a very troubled project (2010)
  • Dams and hydropower development in India (2009)
  • Glendoe (2009)
  • Dams and Earthquakes (2008)
Current UK research To be completed
Recent and current international research To be completed
Key international publications and guides For additional references, refer to ICOLD bulletins