2006 Conference Proceedings

Synopses of papers accepted for the conference are now available and may be reviewed by clicking on the link below. To access a paper, click on the title. To access a synopsis, simply click on the link under the paper title.

Implementation and operation of UK reservoir legislation

Hydraulics and hydrology

Internal erosion

Identifying leakage paths in earthen embankments
Author(s): V Kofoed, J Montgomery & K Gardiner
Paper no. 11 
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Is internal erosion detectable?
Author(s): J Dornstadter, D Dutton, A Fabritius & P Heidinger,
Paper no. 43 
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Leakage investigations at Lower Carno Dam
Author(s): A Rowland & A Powell
Paper no. 45
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Comparison of methods used to determine the probability of failure due to internal erosion in embankment dams
Author(s): M Eddleston & IC Carter
Paper no. 51 
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In search of the perfect geotextile/geocomposite filter for retro-fitting old embankment dams 
Author(s): M Eddleston, H Taylor, N Robinson & A Binns
Paper no. 52
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Planning and design

Risk Assessment and dam break analysis

Refurbishment, construction and maintenance

Refurbishing and upgrading old spillway gate installations
Author(s): J Lewin, GM Ballard & P To
Paper no. 5 
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Investigation and rehabilitation of Chardara Dam spillway
Author(s): JH Meldrum
Paper no. 8 
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Application of modern grouting technology to remedial works on dams
Author(s): AK Hughes & CT Kettle
Paper no. 30 
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Emergency underwater rehabilitation of the Poti Main Diversion Weir, Georgia
Author(s): L Spasic-Gril
Paper no. 20 
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Barrow Compensation Reservoir grouting works
Author(s): A Warren, C Hunt & M Atyeo
Paper no. 2
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Reservoir safety and refurbishment works at Severn Trent Water's Howden, Derwent and Linacre Reservoirs
Author(s): SA Robertson
Paper no. 17 
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Management of siltation at Hillsborough Dam, Tobago
Author(s): DA Bruggemann & JD Gosden
Paper no. 19
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Desiccation assessment in puddle clay cores
Author(s): A Kilby & A Ridley
Paper no. 13 
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The failure of the Mostiste embankment dam
Author(s): J Riha & J Svancara
Paper no. 27 
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Construction of three RCC dams forming part of the Ghatghar pumped storage project in India
Author(s): VC Shelke, MRH Dunstan, JL Hinks & T Zelenka
Paper no. 6 
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Lightweight fill in dam remediation - a case study
Author(s): KMH Barr
Paper no. 33 
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The influence of inspection & monitoring on the phased construction of the Barragem de Cerro do Lobo
Author(s): M Cambridge & M Oliveira Toscano
Paper no. 35
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