This page gives some useful links to other web-sites that can tell you about dams and reservoirs, and how they are used. 

Building Big

Building Big, an excellent web-site about civil engineering structures, is designed for young people. It gives information on the different types of dams and forces that affect them. It tells you about the type of work that civil engineers do. You can try the "Dam Challenge", playing the role of a consulting dam engineer advising clients on their problem dams. Have a go, and see whether you make the right decision. There are some facts and figures on some large dams, and links to other useful web-sites about dams.

Dinorwig and Ffestiniog Hydroelectric Power Stations

The Dinorwig and Ffestiniog hydroelectric power stations web-site gives details of how you can visit these power stations in North Wales to find out about the role that reservoirs and dams play in the generation of hydroelectric power.

The Elan Valley Dams and Reservoirs

Find out about the Elan Valley dams and reservoirs in Mid-Wales, why they were created and how they have supplied water to Birmingham for nearly 100 years. The web-site tells you when the Visitor Centre is open and how you can get there, if you want to tour the reservoirs.

Yorkshire Water

Visit Yorkshire Water's web-site for "Kids" to find out about the water cycle, the way that water evaporated from the sea falls as rain and then is collected and stored in reservoirs. Find out how this water is treated to make it clean and distributed to our homes and factories. Then discover what happens to the dirty water after we have used it.

Canal & River Trust

Canal & River Trust is the new charity entrusted with the care of 2,000 miles of waterways in England and Wales. You can find maps and details of places to walk, go boating or cycling, fishing, and the wildlife in the area.

Cruachan the Hollow Mountain

The website for Cruachan The Hollow Mountain gives details on how you can visit one of the country's most amazing engineering achievements that is situated amongst some of Scotland's most beautiful scenery.


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