Message from BDS Chair

Dear Members of the British Dam Society,

Welcome to the July BDS Membership eNewsletter.

In this eNewsletter, following the 85th Annual Meeting of International Commission on Large Dams, I am delighted to announce the successful nomination of several new members to ICOLD Technical Committees at the General Assembly in Prague. Additionally, there is news of three reports which have been published by ICOLD and will soon be available to BDS Members on the ICOLD website free of charge. Please check the 'ICOLD 2017 Summary Update' news item.

We are currently awaiting clarification of the deadline for submission of abstracts for ICOLD 2018 in Vienna. We have been informed that abstracts should be submitted to ICOLD's Central Office from the BDS Committee. Watch out for further news on this.

Please may I draw your attention to the news item 'Notice of Election of a New Member to the ICE Reservoirs Committee', which provides details on the terms of the appointment and how to apply. From the October 2017 meeting, the Committee wishes to appoint a Supervising Engineer who is to be a representative of reservoir owners.

I would also like to draw members' attention to a UK conference, which may be of relevance to many in our dam engineering community. In June 2018, the 3rd International Conference on Protection against Overtopping will take place in the Lake District and will cover aspects related to the protection of embankments of all types to overtopping and overflowing. The call for papers, and more information about the event is available here:

A reminder that there are currently two BDS competitions running (Young Persons Paper and the Student Paper) and I would encourage all eligible members to participate and those who are not eligible to encourage and support our younger members.  Details of the competitions are included later in this eNewsletter.

Please let us know if you have any news or announcements related to dams and reservoir that you would like to share with the membership in the next eNewsletter.

Tracey Williamson 


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