Calendar changes for events

The current global health crisis has had an inevitable impact on the events that we had hoped to bring you this year. As the situation with coronavirus and any government restrictions over the coming months is very hard to predict, the forward planning for our events is also in a state of flux. Dates for future events will be determined when circumstances allow.

1)      Toddbrook Seminar – the seminar at the ICE, London had to be postponed. A date for this event will confirmed at an appropriate time.  

2)      Toddbrook site visit – we had arranged a technical site visit to Toddbrook to be hosted in April. A date for this technical visit will be provided in due course.

3)      AGM, 27 April 2020: Having consulted with the Charity Commission, we have now decided to postpone the AGM. The international lecture has also been postponed to a future date.

4)      BDS biennial conference, September 2020: an announcement will be made in the coming weeks on our intentions regarding the conference at the University of Nottingham.

5)      ICOLD 2020: The annual meeting of ICOLD due to be held in New Delhi in April has been postponed and is now planned to be held on 26 September – 1 October. Details are available here.

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