BDS Conference 2020 - We Need Your Help

We are looking for volunteers interested in assisting with the organisation of the next conference.

If you would like to undertake one of the following roles, please contact the BDS Chair, Tracey Williamson ( by 14th November 2018:

1) Lead of the Conference Organising Committee,

2) Member of the Conference Organising Committee,

3) Host for the site tours (noting these are normally from a water company, or other dam owner such as the EA, SEPA or NRW).


We are looking for proposals for a suitable venue. If you have an idea for this, please also forward the following information:

1) Details about the proposed venue (noting this should preferably be a university that can provide the facilities included in the document attached here),

2) List of names, who would be in the Organising Committee (if you have these),

3) Agreement in principle from a dam owner to undertake some site tours in the vicinity of the venue. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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