Forthcoming BDS Events

Our next evening meeting will be held on Monday 6th March 2023, starting at 6pm. The presentation by Mike Hughes and David Holland is on the topic of  ‘Grass cover – improving establishment and resilience to deal with increasing stresses’. Full details of the event, how to join online, and how to attend one of our regional hubs for the evening are available on the Events page of our website.

The Annual General Meeting will be held at One Great George Street on Monday 24th April 2023. This will be followed by a presentation on “New UK Dams – A New Episode” by Portsmouth Water, Anglian Water, Thames Water and SSE. Afterwards there will be a social event with a cash bar at the Westminster Arms.

We have availability in our 2023 evening meetings calendar so if you have any projects or studies that you would like to share with the membership then please get in touch with our Events Co-ordinator, Matt Coombs (

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