Reservoir Safety Post Incident Report 2015

The Environment Agency (EA) collect and record information on incidents at raised reservoirs, both large and small. Large raised reservoirs in England are those covered by the Reservoirs Act 1975.

The EA use this information to:

  • Investigate incidents (where appropriate)
  • Inform the reservoir industry of any trends and key lessons identified
  • Contribute to research into reservoir safety and incident frequency analysis.
  • All incident data is entered onto the national database, which can be used to inform reservoir safety research.

The published 2015 report is available here:

or, the following link opens the EA Reservoir Safety post incident report webpage that contains further details and all the recently published reports:

The EA have advised that their records show there has only been a very limited number of downloads carried out for the 2014 report. In future the .GOV domain is likely to remove data that is not receiving sufficient 'hits' so they cannot guarantee the documents will remain available via the links listed above.


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