Reservoir on-site emergency flood plans

A Ministerial Direction to require on-site flood plans for large raised reservoirs in England was issued to all undertakers on 22nd April 2021. A copy of which has been put onto for reference and information.

Here are links to the Ministerial Direction and the associated guidance documents. 

Ministerial Direction – requirement for reservoir on-site emergency flood plans 

Guidance documents

Following the publication of the direction the BDS held an evening meeting on Monday 26th April 2021 titled “Emergency Planning for Reservoirs”. The first part of this meeting heard from Jan Kiernan (Defra) and Tony Deakin (Environment Agency) who explained the new requirements and what is now needed from owners and engineers.

The evening meeting saw a large number of questions posted on-line. Although many of these questions were put to the various presenters not all of them could be addressed. A full list of the questions has now been received for the ICE and these will shortly be issued to Defra and the Environment Agency so that further written clarifications can be obtained from both parties. This joint response will be published on the BDS website shortly. 

If you have any further questions that you would like to ask Defra / Environment Agency regarding the new flood plan direction, please send them to the BDS ( by Friday 21st May 2021 and we will collate all the questions.

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