Representation of ICOLD Technical Committees

ICOLD administer many technical committees to discuss recent relevant events and research and to periodically publish bulletins to inform best practice. Committee members meet at ICOLD events and correspond through the year to serve the purposes of these committees. The majority of these committees are relevant to UK dam engineering and have at least one UK representative. As representatives retire from these committees it is important that we replace them to keep abreast of developments and to ensure that UK interests are served. The BDS is currently specifically seeking nominees for UK representatives on Committees C, F, I, K, T, and Z as follows:

C: Hydraulics for dams

F: Engineering activities with the planning process for water resources projects

I: Public safety around dams

K: Integrated operation of hydropower stations and reservoirs

T: Prospective and new challenges for dams and reservoirs in the 21st Century (Ad hoc committee)

Z: Capacity building and dams

If you are interested in joining any of these committees in 2018 please get in touch with a member of the BDS Committee.

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