Opportunities for representation on ICOLD Technical Committees

We invite all members to apply to represent the interests of the BDS on a number of ICOLD Technical Committees (TC). The Job Description for our representatives can be found here. We are seeking candidates to take up the role from 1st January 2022 and require applications to be made by 15th October 2021 in writing to Andrew Thompson (Honourable Technical Secretary) at Existing representatives (as applicable) can apply for a mandate to extend their role by up to three years. New representatives will receive a mandate for up to six years.

We are currently actively seeking interest from those who would like to serve on any of the following TC’s:

Committee Ref Committee Name
G Environment
I Public Safety Around Dams
V Hydromechanical Equipment


The application must comprise:

  • A summary in less than 500 words detailing why the applicant considers themselves a fit and proper person to serve on the relevant TC. This should include a description of relevant technical expertise and experience of serving on similar committees or technical groups. Reference should be made to the roles described in the Job Description.
  • A letter or statement confirming that the applicant commits to attending the majority of TC meetings and, where appropriate, has the financial backing of their employer to support such attendance.
  • A letter of recommendation from another member of the BDS. This could be a letter from the previous TC rep, a co-opted member or other member of the BDS.

Applications to represent the BDS on more than one committee is permissible but is discouraged.

The BDS does not currently have representation on the following additional committees and is not actively seeking representation. However, if anyone has a keen interest in any of the following committees then please speak with the BDS chair directly in the first instance before applying as above.

Committee Ref Committee Name
F Engineering activities with the planning process for water resources projects
J Sedimentation of Reservoirs
K Integrated Operation of Hydropower Stations and Reservoirs
N Public Awareness and Education
R Multipurpose Water Storage
U Dams and River Basin Management
X Financial and Advisory
Z Capacity Building and Dams


Recent feedback from some BDS members has highlighted the need to improved succession planning in ensuring the UK’s continuing representation at ICOLD. Some members though interested in the TC representative role may feel they lack the degree of experience required. Persons in this situation may however feel more comfortable working alongside the appointed TC representative as a co-opted member, gaining valuable experience whilst contributing to ICOLD. These individuals would be expected to attend ICOLD Annual meetings and provide support to the main representative as required. Vacancies for co-opted members exist for the following committees:

Committee Ref Committee Name Main TC Representative
A Computational Aspects of Analysis and Design of Dams Loizos Pelecanos
B Seismic Aspects of Dam Design Ljiljana Spasic-Gril
C Hydraulics for Dams Viktor Pavlov
D Concrete Dams Malcolm Dunstan
H Dam Safety Andy Hughes
L Tailings Dams and Waste Lagoons Rafael Monroy
M Operation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Dams Craig Goff
O World Register of Dams and Documentation Andrew Pepper
P Cemented Dam Materials Peter Mason
Q Dam Surveillance Ian Hope
RE Resettlement due to Reservoirs Alison Bartle
S Flood evaluation and Dam Safety Alan Warren
T Prospective and new challenges for dams and reservoirs in the 21st century Craig Scott
V Hydromechanical Equipment Vacant
Y Climate Change Steven Usher


Applications are invited for co-opted members for the vacant positions. The application process for appointment of co-opted members shall be the same as that described for appointment of main representatives.

If you have any questions regarding the selection process by the main committee, please contact David Littlemore or Barry Dooley.

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