Next BDS evening meeting

Our next BDS evening meeting will be on Monday 7th March 2022 at 6.00pm. 

The meeting titled “Guidance following the 2019 Toddbrook Reservoir Incident” will be presented by Kieron Kenny, Viktor Pavlov, Tim Daly and Eddie Robinson.

Presenters will provide an overview of the content of each of the new guidance, how it has been developed and challenges encountered. The new guidance to be discussed will be:

  • Supervising Engineer Guidance – written statements and site visit reports 
  • Inspecting Engineer Guidance – concisely share good practices as “standard practices”, such as staying curious when considering previous inspection reports 
  • Owners Guidance - how to design, inspect, monitor, and maintain impounding reservoir spillways so they are safe 
  • Spillway Design Guide – design principles for better spillways 
  • Guidance to Spillway Failure Mechanisms - review of existing literature on spillway failures and failure mechanisms, including accounts of historical case studies. 
  • Spillway Examination Guide – principles to help identify safety issues sooner 
  • Inspection Information Pack – the records and other information that should be provided to Inspecting Engineers in advance of a planned inspection (published in 2021).

This meeting will be held live at the ICE (1 Great George Street, London) and also online. Refreshments will be served from 5.30pm, however, the ICE have not yet reopened the bar and therefore will be no bar facilities after the meeting

PLEASE NOTE: The ICE requires that attendees, either in person or online, register in advance of the event so that refreshments can be organised and so that online viewing links can be emailed in advance. Please use the link on the BDS Events Calendar page to register.

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