Internal Erosion News

Conference reports:

Rodney Bridle (UK Member ICOLD Technical Committee on Embankment Dams) has recently circulated copies of his informal Internal Erosion News, reporting on internal erosion aspects of Geo-risk 2017 in Denver and ICOLD in Prague (available below).

Geo-Risk, Denver, 2017 report

ICOLD, Prague, 2017 report

United States Society on Dams (USSD) note on a Workshop on 'Dry dams and levees' is also attached here, this is another area where internal erosion is a threat.

Other recent events:

·         31 August and 01 September there was a Workshop at Imperial College, London,

·         3-7 September, the ICOLD European Group on Internal Erosion (EWGIE) held its 25th meeting at Deltares in Delft, Netherlands. This meeting will also be attended by colleagues from the newly formed ICOLD Working Group on Levees and Flood Defence (note about working group from USSD Newsletter attached here).

Upcoming events:

·         The EWGIE meeting in 2018 will be at ICSE9 in Taiwan, dates not yet available.

·         ICOLD in Vienna, 1-7 July 2018.

Details of the Internal Erosion mailing list:

This list is open to anyone interested in internal erosion and is primarily to help spread knowledge about internal erosion. We very much want to encourage application of that knowledge, and hope that more engineers in practice and with expertise on monitoring will participate in internal erosion meetings and apply the new knowledge in their work.

The list is a moderated informal discussion forum for engineers and researchers studying the internal erosion process in soils.

The list is associated with (but not formally linked to) the European Working Group of ICOLD on Internal Erosion in water retaining structures (dams, dikes and levees) Website:

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