ICOLD - Free Technical Sessions

The 27th ICOLD Congress starts in Marseille on Friday 27th May 2022 and runs until Friday 3rd June. Over 1267 delegates from 70 countries will be attending the event. The Organising Committee is offering non-delegates remote access to some of the technical committee workshops on Saturday 28th May and some special sessions on Tuesday 31st May

The following technical committee sessions are available on Saturday 28th May:

  • Technical Committee L - Overview of Tailings Dam Safety
  • Technical Committee C - Blockage of reservoir outlet structures by floating debris
  • Technical Committee H - Dam Safety: Concepts, Principle and Framework & Dam Safety: Governance Considerations
  • Technical Committee E - Compaction of Earthfill in Embankment Dams
  • Technical Committee E&M - Water Management During Construction, inc. Cofferdams
  • Technical Committee P - Cemented material dam design and practice: Rock‐Filled Concrete Dam
  • Technical Committee J - Sediment By-passing and Transfer
  • Technical Committee LE - The world of levees and its significance for the work of ICOLD
  • Technical Committee A - Non-Linear Modelling of Concrete Dams
  • Technical Committee G - Integrating dams with the environment
  • Technical Committee Y - Climate change: risks and opportunities for dams and reservoirs

The following special sessions are available on Tuesday 31st May 

  • Waves induced by landslides in reservoirs
  • Piano Key Weirs spillways
  • Recent publications from World Bank on Dam Safety

Full details and Zoom links for each of these sessions are available on the Events Calendar page of the BDS website. 

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