Survey: Dams and Reservoirs

Our journal Dams and Reservoirs is currently published both electronically and in paper copy. Distribution of the paper copy has been temporarily suspended on account of distribution problems associated with office closures during the pandemic. ICE Publishing has recently written to the editor proposing to permanently end the production of the paper copy of the journal in the near future. We appreciate the environmental and potential cost benefits that this change would have but are concerned that the journal content would be less widely and regularly accessed by the membership. Please note that members can currently opt to receive only the digital copy. We invite your views on this matter. Please select one response from the following:

  • I prefer that the BDS maintains the option to receive a paper copy as well as an electronic copy of the journal
  • BDS should move to an electronic copy only of the journal
  • I have no strong preference

Please also indicate whether you are a UK or International member, and if you wish you can provide additional comments and attach your name and email address to the form.

The survey can be found at the following link: SURVEY LINK


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