Young Professionals - Mentoring Scheme

On behalf of the Young Professionals (YP) I would like to thank the individuals who came forward at the BDS Conference in September 2016 to be mentors. We are currently still working on how to best implement the mentoring system and hope to send out further information soon as things develop. Education and Knowledge are two of the core elements of the BDS strategy and it is hoped that the YP mentoring will work to improve knowledge transfer in the BDS community.

If you are a member of the Supervising Engineer or All Reservoir Panel and could give a small amount of your time to act as a mentor to a young professional (under 35) who is aspiring to join the Supervising Engineers Panel over the next few years, then it would be greatly appreciated. We understand that there are many companies that have internal mentoring schemes and it would be good to hear about these and learn from any successes.

Also if you are a Young Professional who would be willing to mentor an A level student as part of the Arkwright scholarship scheme, the BDS have become part of, now or in the future we would like to hear from you. Some information about the Arkwright Scholarships Trust can be seen below and further information is available. This is a great opportunity to increase your mentoring skills and inspire future engineers.

'For 25 years, the Arkwright Scholarships Trust has identified and nurtured future leaders in engineering and technical design. Arkwright's Engineering Scholarships support high-calibre, engineering-minded school students over two years, as they study for their A levels or Scottish Highers. Every Scholarship is sponsored and supported by a sponsoring organisation. This year, The British Dam Society is supporting four Arkwright Scholars with an interest in the built environment and environmental engineering.' 

For more information about the YP please contact the YP Mentoring Champion Jordan Langbridge (

To register as a mentor or a Young Professional who would like a mentor please email:


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