Reservoirs legislation commencement date - Update

The BDS has received the following email from Defra regarding the Flood & Water Management Act 2010 - reservoirs legislation commencement date.

You may be aware that commencement of amendments the Reservoirs Act 1975 by Schedule 4 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 did not happen on 6 April 2013 as envisaged previously.

The new programme is to implement the Phase 1 amendments of the Reservoirs Act 1975, which will apply only to those reservoirs that are currently regulated (that is with a capacity greater than 25,000 cubic metres), by the end of June 2013.  The Statutory Instruments that have to be debated by both Houses of Parliament were laid before Parliament on 26 March 2013, which makes this programme achievable.  Commencement will be earlier if Parliamentary processes permit.  

We will advise the firm commencement date once that is fixed.


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