Message from the BDS Chair

Dear Members of the British Dam Society,

Welcome to the June BDS Membership eNewsletter.

In this eNewsletter, we invite you to consider being nominated as a member of one of the ICOLD Technical Committees. With this year's meeting being held in Prague, with cheap flights and accommodation, it's a great opportunity. You can even attend the Committee meetings without paying for the Symposium and other Workshops, if the Conference fee is preventing you from volunteering.  The vacancies with their terms are included below. If you are interested in any of these, please get in touch with our Technical Secretary, Andrew Pepper at:

Additionally, note that an extension has been given for abstracts to be submitted to the BDS Committee for ICOLD 2018 in Vienna.

In April another successful and informative Supervising Engineers' Forum was held at the National Conference Centre in Solihull.  I would like to thank Duncan Scott and all his assistants for their hard work on getting this organised; and thanks to the record number of attendees for their participation in the lively discussions.

Our five 'Strategic Objective Working Groups' have been working hard recently, preparing their Action Plans for achieving the objectives in our recently published Strategy (link here), with the aim to achieve our vision to be "a growing, inclusive and vibrant society; sharing knowledge and improving reservoir safety". We will share these with you in our next eNewsletter.

Please let us know if there is anything dams and reservoir related that you would like to share with the membership in the next eNewsletter.  As an example, there are a number of events concerning Integrated Catchment Delivery (link here) that may well be of interest to BDS members who are involved in the wider aspects of river engineering.

Tracey Williamson 


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