Internal Erosion Update

Our representative on the ICOLD Embankments Technical Committee, Rod Bridle, has sent the following update:

This year there are two Internal Erosion Meetings, ICSE9 in Taiwan in November and the 26th European Working Group on Internal Erosion (EWGIE) in Milan (both listed on the BDS events page here:

For further details on the latter, please view the flyer here. Although this is very close to BDS Conference, there is just enough time for enthusiasts to attend both!

Next year EWGIE is to be held in Canada, British Columbia, Jonathan Fannin, with a possible visit to Coursier Dam, much damaged by internal erosion and subsequently dismantled and left as a research site. This may be added as a pre- or post-tour at ICOLD 2019 in Ottawa; logistics, hotels and snow-melt permitting! Watch this space.

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