Condition Assessment of Dams - Case Studies for Nottingham Trent University

Roland Kromanis is a lecturer at Nottingham Trent University who is delivering a new MSc module in Structural Engineering - Condition Assessment and Health monitoring of civil infrastructure.

He has realised that water supply reservoirs are critical national assets and he has therefore included the importance of the condition assessment of dams (including embankment dams) in the module.

He would appreciate good case studies of dam condition assessment and monitoring to use as examples for his students.  Does any BDS member have any condition assessment or monitoring cases studies of dams they could share with him?

Furthermore, part of the coursework focuses on data interpretation, so if anyone has data which needs to be analysed, he suggests it could be given to the students as a project, which may provide you with useful feedback.

If you can offer any help for this course, which could well arouse an interest in dams from some of the students, please contact Roland direct on 


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