BDS Conference 2018 Registration

Update:  Currently 29 organisations and 11 exhibitors have registered across 5 countries – UK, Germany, South Africa, Netherlands and USA. 40 days until registration closes on 31st July! There are 47 papers to be published in the Conference Proceedings. You can see synopses of all these on the website. When you register for the Conference, you will be given a password and can preview the full papers via the website.


The BDS Conference registration website is open:

The 2018 BDS Conference will be held at Swansea University Bay Campus from 13th to 15th September 2018. There is a packed programme on offer, with technical sessions, site visits and workshops, covering a wide range of topics. More details can be found here:

The main theme of the conference is ‘Smart Dams and Reservoirs’ and topics include remote monitoring, the changing functions of reservoirs, advanced investigation techniques, new solutions and design techniques and smart dam construction.

There are opportunities for sponsorship and there will be a trade exhibition in the refreshments area for the duration of the conference; organisations interested in applying for sponsorship and for reserving an exhibition space should contact


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