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Visit a Dam


Dams and reservoirs are often in tranquil, hilly areas. They can be perfect places for family walks, picnics and learning more about our vital infrastructure, and many have visitor centres open to the general public.

interactive map of Dams in the UK



You can use our interactive map to find the locations of all those major dams and reservoirs with visitors centres. Simply click on the reservoir photos or on the location pointer on the map, to open a link to the visitor centre information.



Dams leaflet



You can also download a low resolution copy of our dams and reservoirs leaflet to print off. Copies of this leaflet can be obtained from any of the visitor centres on the map.


ASDSO - Association of State Dam Safety Officials

USSD - US Society on Dams

SANCOLD - South African Committee on Large Dams

ANCOLD - Australian National Committee on Large Dams Incorporated

CHINCOLD - Chinese National Committee on Large Dams

ATCOLD - Austrian Committee on Large Dams

SWEDCOLD - Swedish Committee on Large Dams

BDS - Britsish Dams Society