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In this area you will find links to teaching resources that can be downloaded for use in lessons. Choose from the the ICOLD publication on Dams & the Worlds Water, a MS PowerPoint presentation with many facts and figures to enable teachers to plan a lesson, and a fact sheet handout for children.

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Teaching Resources Dams factsheet Dams and the worlds water Powerpoint Presentation
Explore the planning and construction of a new dam with 11-16s
File Size Varies
Dams and Reservoirs Fact sheet
PDF document 0.6MB
Dams and World's water
PDF 11.5MB
Dams and World's water
MS PowerPoint presentation
This suite of five, free downloadable geography lessons for 11–14 and 14–16 year-olds explores the planning and construction of a new dam in a simulated location.
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A short document setting out some basic information as well as facts and figure about dams and reservoirs. Suitable for all ages. A publication produced by the International Committee on Large Dams containing detailed information on many aspects of water supply and how dams help manage the worlds water resources. Suitable for GCSE, A level students and beyond

A PowerPoint presentation containing many photographs of dams and reservoirs as well as basic information on a range of issues that could be used in conjunction with the publication of the same name. Suitable for GCSE, A Level students and beyond.


Overview of Dams

For further information about dams
please see our About Dams page
these pages give a thorough introductions to dams, their use, design and construction and issues associated with dams. Suitable for GCSE, A Level students as well as undergraduates seeking an introduction to dams.