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Committee Members

The British Dam Society is an Associated Society of the Institution of Civil Engineers. It consists of individual and corporate members. It is open to anyone wanting to share experience or knowledge of all aspects of dams and reservoirs.

Committee Members Contact
Chairman Tracey Williamson
Vice Chairman Alan Warren
Past Chairman Andy Hughes
Hon Technical Secretary  Andrew Pepper
Regional Meetings Vacancy
London Meetings John Chesterton
London Meetings Keith MacDonald
Technical Visits Brett Marshall
School Liaison Liz Rivers
University Liaison Catherine O'Sullivan
College Liaison  Paul Farnell
Competitions Lesley Dunne
Competitions and Website Support Andrew Thompson
Editor, Dams & Reservoirs Journal & Reservoirs Committee Anthea Peters
Editorial Panel Chair Rachel Pether
Media David Neeve
Website Manager Matthew Atyeo
Website Support Chris Vyse
Conference (2018) Organiser Rachel Davies
Conference (2018) Organiser Support TBC
Conference Website Matthew Atyeo
Conference Technical Proceedings Andrew Pepper
Conference Exhibition Andy Hughes
SE Forum (2017) Organiser Duncan Scott
BDS Mentoring
BDS-Young Professionals Chair Patrick Maguire
BDS-YP Social Media Champion Jeremy Fletcher
BDS-YP Events Champion David Steven
BDS-YP Mentoring Champion Jordan Langbridge


ICE BDS secretary:

Secretary - British Dam Society
The Institution of Civil Engineers
One, Great George Street
London, Westminster.
t +44 (0)20 7665 2234